Pesticide ban for Cosmetic Use – effective April 22, 2009 (Earth Day)

There are always 2 sides to every story – whichever side you support isn’t important anymore, as you will no longer be able to use some chemicals in your garden that you did before e.g. ‘weed and feed’ lawn fertilizers. For complete details, you can go on to the Province of Ontario website.

Pesticides and herbicides have never been a big part of our business at Green Thumb.

If you have not done this before, it might be time to consider the following options in your garden:

  • Dormant oil and lime sulphur for your roses and fruit trees
  • Insecticidal soap for soft-bodied insects
  • Eco lawn grass seed – it requires less watering and fertilizing, due to its long root system
  • Diatomaceous earth to fight earwigs, ants, slugs, etc.
  • Lawn fertilizer based on corn gluten or alfalfa pellets