New Plant Search Tool at Green Thumb

You can search for plants on our website!

We are very happy to introduce a ‘Plant Search Tool’ on our website.  If you don’t have access to the internet or don’t want to use this option, please don’t worry – the purpose of the Search Tool is not to sell plants over the net, it is to allow you to preview our plant selection. There are also pictures of the plants with growing information, so you have a chance to see what our plants will look like when they are grown up – instead of babies in their pots.

You can plug in the characteristics of a plant that you ‘need’ and Presto! our web site Plant Search will give you some suggestions – do you want a shade-loving plant with white flowers, about 4 feet tall – you’ll discover that you can choose between a hydrangea, bugbane (or snake root), goatsbeard, monkshood and many more. Use the Plant List feature to build your own plant list on your computer, print it and then bring it into the store.

You can look up plants just by their name, too. The Search Tool is designed to suggest plants that we readily carry at Green Thumb or that we can get quickly if we are already sold out, and they are hardy for Ottawa – zone 5a!