So you’re putting in a new garden…

Once the fun of planning and planting is behind you, please remember:

New plantings should be watered every day for 2 weeks, and then at least once a week, thereafter.  Usually, watering requirements are less in the second year — but use your judgment.

New (perennial) plantings benefit from a fertilizer with a high middle number, or phosphorous.  Perennial and/or shrub plantings do not need to be fertilized for the balance of their first year.

First-year plantings do not usually require any pruning either.  They may require winter protection if they are borderline hardy for us or if they are in a windy location (usually a northwest exposure.)

As winter approaches, ensure that you continue to water your evergreens and broadleaf evergreens until the ground is frozen.

Why not consider mulching your bed — a layer of mulch helps to keep the weeds down and the moisture in.