Community Events

Owner Mary Reid often lends her time and knowledge to various events around the city. Below is a look at the community events Green Thumb Garden Centre has taken part in.


  • CBC Interview – Seeds and will there be a seed shortage?


  • Green Thumb Garden Centre – featured in a recent article by The Citizen! Read it here:
  • CBC Interview – Helpful hints for folks who don’t usually garden who want to get outside in their yard for a change from the inside of their homes.
  • Ottawa Citizen – Garden centres busy with curb-side business
  • CBC Interview – Gardening businesses during COVID-19. Garden centres are to open for the public to shop.
  • Participated in Growing Learners Program – Offering a chance to learn how to grow vegetables at home…education and fresh produce for the participants
  • CBC Interview – Garden (veggie) pests, squish squish of beetles!


  • Partnering with Ottawa Community Housing – various gardening projects
  • Grassroots Festival Launch – March 2019
  • Grassroots Festival – Children’s workshop – Bee Baths – April 2019
  • Garden Days –  June 2019 This year we celebrated gardening and its contribution to one’s own wellness.  We also honoured some Ottawa residents who have been gardening for many many decades!


  • Partnering with Ottawa Community Housing – Various gardening projects
  • CBC Interview –  A late Spring and miscellaneous gardening questions – May 3rd, 2018
  • Canada’s 150th Birthday Garden Project (Wildflower Garden of Remembrance) – Canadian War Museum with the Ottawa Garden Club, May 2018
  • Canadian Tulip Festival “Garden Celebrities” Program – May 2018
  • Spokesperson for Ottawa Garden Days – June 15th (Launch), June 16th-24th, 2018
  • CBC Interview – July 11th, 2018 – Gardening and dry weather
  • Garden Expert on Promenade Tour – July 28th, 2018