2008 perennial of the year: Geranium ‘Rozanne’

The 2008 choice is Geranium ‘Rozanne’ — a perennial geranium. ‘Rozanne’ naturally grows in a clump – and is ideal as an edger or a border plant. Framed by green leaves, her large violet-blue cup-shaped blooms (with large white eyes and purple violet veins) are held up on delicate wiry stems, and as we all like to hear, she has a good repeat-blooming habit, having started to flower in late May to early June.

If you feel Rozanne is looking a bit leggy, you can give her a good trim back in midsummer. She reaches about 40 – 50 cm (16 -20”) tall and her spread is just a bit wider. She prefers sun to part sun/part shade – but would prefer to stay out of our hot afternoon sun. Rozanne is hardy in the Ottawa area – rated for Zone 5. She isn’t very fussy about soil – average to moist, and well drained. Lots of people even like her in a container or a window box for the season.

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