2007 perennial of the year: Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’

The 2007 choice is Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ — one of the catmint varieties and a very long bloomer. Catmint is a sun lover (although it will grow in partial shade) and is very drought tolerant. Nepeta like well drained soil, with a neutral pH. Catmint is very easy to grow and maintain — and is pest- and disease-resistant.

‘Walker’s Low’ in particular does well in a perennial border, as a rock garden plant, or even as a groundcover, or in a herb garden. The foliage has a minty scent — slightly attractive to cats, but not as potent as catnip. It offers silver-green heart-shaped leaves, and blue violet spikes from summer through to fall. Snip off the deadheads to encourage reblooming. ‘Walker’s Low’ attracts bees and butterflies — and appears on lists of deer-resistant plants.

This plant grows about 30 – 36 inches or 75 — 90 cm tall — not ‘Low’ at all; in fact it is named after a garden! Hardy to zone 4; a tough plant — and looks great with yellow and orange plants.

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