Growing your own food

Something to think about!  It is even better than buying local!

If you want to have some fun – why not try a few strawberry plants. With summer heat, the everbearing strawberry crop is bountiful and especially intriguing for children.  It’s a plant that keeps on giving – why not try them in your garden, or if space is at a premium (e.g. on a balcony), in a container.  We’ll even have strawberry pots available – all planted up – and ready to go. What a great idea for a birthday or hostess present.

If you’d prefer a veggie over a fruit, why not try potatoes.  They don’t have to have a lot of space. We’ll be carrying Norland, Red Pontiac, Russet Burnbank, and Yukon Gold, already started for you – as easy as adding water! You can transplant them into a larger container, and double the yield.