Lawn damage – Spring 2012

Not surprising with all of the Japanese beetle activity last summer – the beetle is one of the parents of the grub – there is quite a lot of grub damage in many lawns this Spring. It’s not time to be totally discouraged with your lawn. Some things you should know:

  • Grass on the front yards of 8 houses has the same cooling effect as 17 air conditioned homes.
  • A lawn on a hot summer day can be 30 degrees Celsius cooler than asphalt.
  • Turf and garden plants can reduce erosion and water runoff.
  • Lawns and plants absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide.

If you still want to give up on your lawn – there are lots of ground covers that you might consider:  for shade – periwinkle, dead nettle, bugleweed, and Japanese spurge; for sun – rock cress, false rock cress, creeping phlox, candy tuft, creeping thyme, sedum etc.  If the plant doesn’t stand up to foot traffic, you can always lay a casual flagstone path throughout your new groundcover area!