Lawn care

Grass is an amazingly tough plant that springs back quickly after drought or other stress.  Our lawns have suffered a lot recently due to grub infestations.  What can you do to help your lawn recover?

  • The truly perennial part of a grass plant is the crown, where the leaves and roots meet.  If the crown survives, the grass will.  Avoid scalping your lawn.
  • Corn gluten is an organic lawn fertilizer. Initial studies show that it can help control crabgrass and other weeds if applied at the appropriate time.
  • Nematodes are an organic way to help control grubs.  Apply them after the soil has warmed up, but before mid-June, and then water the lawn well.
  • If spring and early fall are too busy or too dry for you to reseed your lawn, try dormant seeding: sow the seeds in very late fall.  The seeds will partly germinate in the fall, and grow in the spring.