2018 Perennial of the Year: Allium ‘millenium’

This year’s winner is Allium ‘millenium’ – also known as the millenium ornamental onion. Unlike some allium, this is not a bulb. It is an herbaceous perennial, meaning you don’t have to wait until the Fall for planting AND over time you can divide it readily. A rose-purple compact (12”/30cm x about the same) late bloomer is a butterfly magnet. With its flower stalk the height increases by about half. Even as a cut flower, its spherical blooms retain their colour. The neat and slender shiny green leaves look nice all season long.

This allium is a sun lover, although might benefit from a little shade from the very hot afternoon sun. Easy to grow, liking a well-drained soil and quite drought tolerant. Nice to know it is relatively free of pests and diseases; apparently, even rabbit and deer don’t even like it. It looks great with yellow bloomers or perennials with silver foliage e.g. Russian sage. Why not have a look at it on our website under our Plant search.