2013 Perennial Plant of the Year: Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Photo courtesy of Heritage Perennials

This year’s winner is Variegated Solomon’s Seal or Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’ – another great addition to a part-shady to shady garden. The graceful arching burgundy stems of green and white oval leaves are adorned with white somewhat fragrant ‘hanging bells’ offer some height and grace to your garden. Foliage turns yellow in the fall – and sometimes there will be black berries. The plant looks lovely in a naturalized setting and needs little attention, once established – disease- and pest-resistant. A moist organic soil is a perfect environment for this year’s treasure.

A late Spring bloomer at 45 – 60 cm (18” – 24”) tall with a similar spread, it’s a well behaved backdrop to your garden – upright and not floppy! You can plant it on its own or with other perennials including hostas, astilbe and ferns. Hardy as low as zone 3.

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