2011 perennial of the year: Amsonia hubrichtii

The 2011 winner is Thread leaf Blue Star/Arkansas Blue Star/Blue star flower (Amsonia hubrichtii), a native North American plant with bright green fern-like foliage in the spring and summer, followed by a bright yellow-orange colour in the fall. The flower blooms from late spring to early summer with small, light bluish white/silvery, star-shaped flowers. Around 90 cm (36”) tall with a similar spread, it’s a well behaved addition to your garden – upright and not floppy! It likes full sun to part shade and average to moist, rich soil but will do okay with less moisture.

You can plant it on its own or with other perennials – very adaptable, versatile and easy to maintain. Well suited to a perennial border or a wildflower meadow; it looks very nice with grasses or other plants with seed heads. A long-lived plant, but it takes a few years to reach maturity. Hardy as low as zone 5a and reported to be deer resistant.

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