Time to bring spring to your home! Official Opening Day is is Monday April 17

Green Thumb Garden Centre is a locally owned and operated retail garden centre located in the Nepean area of Ottawa. We carry a large selection of:




Perennials, ornamental grasses, ground covers, vines, roses, shrubs, fruit bushes, evergreens, trees including a selection from Twigs Nursery, seeds, annuals, herbs, vegetables, and bulbs


Compost, Soils, Mulch & Fertilizer

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Compost, soils, and mulch (bagged or in bulk), stones, small boulders, fertilizers (synthetic and organic), and environmentally friendly pest controls, including nematodes from Natural Insect Control


Planters, Decor & Tools

Large variety of flower pots, potting supplies, garden tools, fun and beautiful garden decorations, grass seed mixtures, including Dutch white clover and EcoLawn, and supplies for overwintering and protecting your plants


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